Process Fume Filtration

Advanced Air Filtration for Production Lines

Traditionally, exhaust from wave solder machines, reflow ovens, conformal coating, and other process equipment has been vented to the outside. This is an expensive proposition when taking today’s energy costs into consideration. It is a waste of either cooled or heated air out to the roof. Our filter units offer an alternative: filtration of the exhaust and re-circulation of the cleaned air.

Filtration has been used in the electronics industry for many years and resolves a range of issues that are inherent to venting to the outside.


  • Reflow Ovens
  • Curing Ovens
  • Wave Soldering

Your Benefits are:

  • eliminates roof ventilation
  • fast and easy set-up
  • facilitates permitting process
  • easy to relocate
  • no duct maintenance
  • and lower energy costs

Reduce Your Energy Costs!

Venting 1000 cfm to the outside will cost you annually:

  • $ 3800 in Tampa,
  • $ 5000 in Dallas
  • $ 6200 in Chicago
  • and requires 3 tons of air condition capacity

Based on 10cts/KWh. A detailed engineering study is available upon request.

Advanced Air Filtration for Production Lines - Benefits
  • Selective Soldering
  • Conformal Coating

Improved Process Control

Our filter units provide strong suction and proper  venting of the process equipment, thus

  • reducing the flux built-up in ductwork
  • reducing flux concentrations in reflow and cooling zones
  • eliminating flux drippings onto boards at exit side

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