Our newest product designed to protect dental hygienists from Covid, SARs and other virus.  Other applications include Optometry and Nail Salons vapor removal.
F1000P-AE Series

Our smallest unit designed for small lasers, hand soldering and solder pots.

F1020 Series
Our most versatile product for multiple uses: mid sized lasers, VOC and odor control, table top reflow & curing ovens, conformal coating equipment, selective solder machines and multi station soldering applications.
F1800 Series
Our mid sized unit designed for use with large lasers enclosures, SMT line equipment such as 5-6 zone reflow ovens as well as larger VOC and odor control applications.
F3200 Series
Our largest and most powerful units designed for use with SMT line equipment such as large reflow ovens and wave solder machines as well as Laser CNC applications.
F8200 Series
Exhaust arms, connection hose, and other accessories.
Arms & Accessories

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