Leaders in Fume Filtration and Extraction

Our History

January 1992:

IMPELL Purification Technologies LP is founded. Known for quality and reliability, IMPELL becomes a dominant force and well recognized trade name by providing fume filtration systems to the electronics and laser industry.

September 1997:

IMPELL Purification Systems LP moves to a new manufacturing and administration facility in Suwanee, Georgia. The present company is still residing at this location.

January 2002:

OK International (a Dover Company) acquires IMPELL.  All OK International production lines for fume extractions are consolidated at the IMPELL facility.

Leaders in Fume Filtration and Extraction

November 2005:

OK International divests the process fume extraction line to the former owners  of IMPELL Purification Technologies. The new organization, IP Systems LLC, maintains all operations at the same facility in Suwanee, Georgia.

December 2005:

IP Systems continues to manufacture and market the well known product lines F1200 / F3000 / F5200 and F8200 to the electronics and laser industry. IP Systems is managed and owned by the former IMPELL team who brings with them over 40 years of experience in fume extraction applications.

July 2014:

IP Systems continues with new a new sales and marketing management team. The goal is to build on the established product quality and capabilities by guiding the company into new industries and product arenas.

Our Industries

Electronics industry:

Process fume extraction for the filtration of exhaust fumes from ovens, wave solder units, conformal coating equipment and other fume sources.

Laser industry:

Removal and filtration of laser fumes from marking, cutting and engraving applications.

Lab and Medical:

Removal and absorption of  nuisance odors, bacteria, VOC’s, clean room applications, as well as positive or negative air pressure solutions.

Brazing and Welding:

Removal and filtration of welding fumes from brazing or automated welding applications.

Our Management Team

Matthias Kleine

Matthias Kleine

General Manager, Director of Operations

Matthias Kleine joined IP Systems, LLC in March 2021 as the General Manager, Director of Operations.

During his career, he has gained valuable international business experience in Europe, Canada and the United States of America.  Mr. Kleine is proficient in sales, operations and project management where he has successfully led teams in these business areas.

Prior to becoming a partner at IP Systems, Mr. Kleine was the Director of Sales for a product weighing and inspection company and responsible for the outside sales team and product management in North America.  He was an essential tool in growing the business, meeting sales goals and positioning the company well in the North American market.

Mr. Kleine earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business from the University of Applied Sciences in Germany and a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Georgia where he also became a member of Beta Gamma Sigma.

Alex Ly

Alex Ly

Sales and Marketing Director

Alex Ly is a well-seasoned professional with a diverse background in manufacturing, engineering, and real estate.

He has extensive experience in injection molding and has held positions such as a project engineer and technical supervisor. Selected and successfully led a team in Mexico to improve their production cycle time process. He is highly skilled in the use and operation of heavy machinery, programming robotics, production processing controls, and leading other skilled members.

Alex received the Honors Society Award as an independent agent early on in his career inside of a global real estate brokerage franchise. Here he proudly served the public in providing professional services as well as volunteered in community outreach projects.

While being employed full-time at an international automotive supplier, he also simultaneously received his Associates of Science in Electronics Engineering from Spartanburg Technical College.

Alex is currently serving as the Sales and Marketing Director at IP Systems (Fume Extraction), where he is responsible for leading the sales team and driving growth for the company.

Samir Mirjan

Samir Mirjan

Electromechanical Engineer and Warehouse Manager

Samir moved to the United States in 2000 and joined IP Systems two years later as an assembler. Samir has quickly risen through the ranks to become an Electromechanical Engineer at IP Systems. With his expertise and knowledge, he builds and modifies machines for the company’s growing clients.

With years of experience, Samir also operates as the Warehouse Supervisor. In this role, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the warehouse and ensures that all tasks are completed on time and to a high standard of quality.

Samir’s commitment to continuous improvement and unwavering pursuit of excellence are integral to the company’s sustained success.

Ibya Lo

Ibya Lo

Office Manager

Ibya Lo recently joined IP Systems in 2023 as the administrative assistant and is responsible for customer care, processing orders, and assisting in social media marketing.

In addition to her administrative work, she is passionate about photography and works as a freelance photographer in her spare time.

Equipped with a bachelor’s degree in Middle Grades Education from Piedmont University, Ibya is a certified teacher under the Georgia Professional Standards Commission. While she has stepped away from the classroom, her passion for education and her dedication to helping others remain unwavering. Currently, she channels this passion into her role at IP Systems, where she strives to provide exceptional customer and administrative support.

Elvira Sierra

Elvira Sierra

Shipping & Receiving Manager

Elvira Sierra earned a Bachelor of Intermediate Professional Technician in Systematization from El Centeo Colombiano de Estudios Profesionales in 1985. After immigrating to the United States, in 1998, Elvira obtained her certification as an Office Specialist with Word Processing from the Professional Business Institute in New York.

Elvira has been an integral part of IP Systems since 2004, currently serving as the Receiving/Shipping Manager. Her dedication to ensuring timely and efficient product shipments has been instrumental in maintaining the company’s reputation for excellence. Elvira’s invaluable contributions continue to be a driving force behind IP Systems’ success.


Thousands of filter unit installations in the  electronics and laser industry.

More than two decades of experience in air purification technology.

Application design and solutions.

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