Fume Extraction for the
Gun and Ammo industry

Fume Extraction for the Gun and Ammo industry

The gun and ammo industry has a wide variety of marking and engraving process’ from marking serial numbers, part numbers, or gauge identification to unique or specialty designs on the barrels or stocks. These processes require industrial-grade automated laser systems.

Smoking Gun

As gun and ammo manufactures focus on these processes one need often goes overlooked during the evaluation. When marking and engraving you generate a lot of fumes and smoke from the process and proper fume extraction and filtration is required.

Laser fume extraction systems are important for maintaining a safe and productive workplace. As a shop owner or manager, you want to make sure your employees are in a good working environment. Keep them safe, happy, and compliant by installing a laser fume extraction system in your shop.

Fumes are naturally created during the laser cutting process and with the volumes of production in the gun and ammo industry this is even more pronounced.  When marking and engraving particles from the metal or other material you not only create dust and particulate matter, but the heat created by the laser can cause chemical reactions to take place. Long term exposure can cause serious health problems from respiratory distress to cancer causing carcinogens.

Further, OSHA has permissible exposure limits (PELs) for a wide array of heavy metals, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins to make sure that all workers are kept as safe as possible. Meeting these PELs is much easier when you have a laser fume extractor installed in your shop.

 IP Systems offers a line of fume extractors designed specifically for these type of applications.  Our systems provide excellent fume capture and can be sized for just about any laser on the market. The filter set offered are designed to extended filter life leading to reduced cost on the consumables. 

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FAQs About the Gun and Ammo industry Fume Extractors

When laser marking metals in the gun and ammo manufacturing industry as well as other industries, what carcinogens are created?

When marking metals, there can be hexavalent chromium produced which is a known carcinogen that can cause cancer with repeated exposure. OSHA recommends filtering the particulates using true grade HEPA filtration at 99.97% efficiency at .03 microns. All IP Systems units provide this grade of HEPA filtration.

How do I know which filters to use in my extractor?

  • Each extractor that we provide offers flexible filter configurations to address your specific needs. There are different configurations for high particulate applications, to applications that produce high volumes of odors, gases and VOC’s to a blend of the two.

  • If you have any questions about which filters to use in which extractor, we will be happy to help. Simply call us or send us an email with a question and we’ll help you out.

How often do the filters need changing?

  • This depends on the amount of contamination going into the filters and frequency of use so each application will vary. The Filters are designed to provide as much surface area of the media to insure the longest life possible and each unit has a real time filter monitoring gauge.


  • If you wish to discuss your specifics, then we can provide a more accurate estimate of filter life as it applies to your set of circumstances.

How do I dispose of used filters?

  • The filter themselves are nonhazardous, so disposal of used filters depends on what type of fumes you are capturing. For example if you are capturing flux fumes from solder, the disposal of the filters would follow the same procedures you use for disposal of the flux chemicals.

  • The same would apply for virus’, gases, etc….

  • We recommend following your local Department of Natural Resources for more information on hazardous material disposal.

How do I know which extractor to choose?

  • Your choice of extractor will depend on several factors. What activities are you doing that require fume extraction, what kind of fumes are being produced, are you capturing fumes at the source of the application or from the back of a cabinet or hood. Are particulates heavier than are or lighter than air and what issues are you currently facing with air quality?
  • Our sales team is available during business hours to help assist you with your fume extraction needs. Call us or send us an email telling us about your workspace, your activities, and what you need our fume extractor to do for you. We’ll give you our recommendation based on our decades of experience engineering and installing fume extraction systems.

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