Why Should You Replace Your Fume Extractor Filters?

A Worker Wearing Protective Gear & Doing Welding Work

If you’re a business owner relying on a fume extractor to keep your employees safe, then you know how important it is to replace the filters regularly. Fume extractors work by trapping dangerous air particles, and if the filters aren’t replaced often enough, those fumes and particles can end up back in the air that your employees are breathing.

Businesses involved in welding, soldering, laser cutting, chemical spraying, and other activities that produce dangerous fumes must ensure their fume extractors are in good running order. MERV and HEPA are two types of filter ratings used by fume extractors. MERV filters are usually replaced every 6 to 12 months, while HEPA filters must be changed more frequently (sometimes as often as once per month).

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Regularly replacing the filter in your fume extractor is essential for creating a safe work environment and preventing health problems from occurring down the line. Here are the benefits of regularly changing your filter:

1. Keep Your Work Environment Clean and Healthy

Commercial manufacturing units like workshops and factories produce harmful fumes that can affect workers’ health if not properly filtered. Installing a fume extractor filter is an effective solution to keep the air clean. However, it is essential to replace the filter to work optimally regularly. Doing so will ensure that the air quality in your work environment remains safe and healthy.

2. Protect Your Employees From Harmful Fumes

Some types of dangerous fumes include dust, smoke, and chemicals. By replacing your fume extractor filters regularly, you can help to protect your employees from these hazardous substances in the workplace. With suitable filters, you can ensure that hazardous fumes are not released into the air, reducing the risk of respiratory illnesses and other ailments. Additionally, regularly changing out your fume extractor filters can help to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for everyone in the workplace.

3. Reduce the Number of Pollutants in the Air

Indoor air quality is an essential factor to consider when managing an industrial workspace. Fume extractors are designed to reduce the number of hazardous gases, fumes, and particles that accumulate in the air. However, pollutants can build up and circulate through the environment if your filters are not regularly replaced. By replacing your fume extractor filters, you can reduce air pollutants and protect workers from exposure to dangerous air contaminants.

4. Maintain Equipment Performance and Lifespan

Fume extraction systems work hard to provide clean and safe air for those who use them. Regular filter replacement keeps your extraction system operating at peak performance levels, reducing downtime due to maintenance and helping to increase its lifespan. Keeping your filters clean and in good condition also helps reduce the number of times you need to repair or replace the equipment.

5. Extend Filter Life

The filters in your fume extractor can last for several years, but their life expectancy is reduced if they are not regularly replaced. The longer you wait to replace them, the more strain you put on the extractor motor and other components. Moreover, when the filters become clogged with dust, dirt, and other particles, the efficiency of the extractor drops significantly.

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