Harmful Toxic Fumes

Have you ever wondered what happens if you breathe in toxic fumes if exposed to them? In fact, what are toxic fumes in the first place? What can toxic fumes do to you? What are sources of toxic fumes? Can toxic fumes make you sick or kill you? And what are toxic fumes exposure symptoms?

If you’ve ever asked yourself any or all of these questions, then this post is definitely for you. You see, toxic fumes can originate from anywhere, and if you’re especially a worker in an industrial area, getting to know all about toxic fumes could save your life. Toxic fumes are generally harmful gases, dust, or smoke that’s produced as a result of a chemical transformation activity such as heating, reaction, or even explosion. So, what are the side effects of inhaling toxic fumes?

Side effects of inhaling toxic fumes

The side effects may include short-term problems such as throat and lung problems, headaches, fainting, eyesight problems, nausea and even coughing blood. Long term side effects may include chronic coughs, damage of nerve, certain illnesses e.g COPD, low concentration, memory problems etc. The harshness of these problems is based on how long you’re exposed to the toxic fume in question.

Effects of inhaling VOCs

VOCs, also known as Volatile Organic Compounds are a group of chemicals mainly found in substances used mostly in building and maintaining our homes. These chemicals can be released inside our homes and you may not know if they’re present by just smelling around since they are odorless. Examples of VOCs may include: Methylene chloride, benzene, and toluene. While exposing yourself to low levels of VOCs can take longer to be a serious health problem, studies show that for people with underlying conditions such as asthma, VOCs can make their symptoms worse.

The short term effects of inhaling VOCs may include: Dizziness, vomiting, headaches, irritation of nose, eye or throat and worsening of underlying asthma condition.

The long-term effects of inhaling VOCs may include: Damage of the central nervous system, damage of liver and kidney – and even cancer.

Coming up with a fume and VOC extraction strategy can greatly help you evade the problems caused by toxic fumes and VOCs.

Benefits of fume & VOC extraction

Fume and VOC extraction refers to the process of eliminating toxic fumes and VOCs in our home and work environment using effective VOC fume extractors. The benefits of fume and VOC extraction include:

  • Removal of potentially toxic fumes and particulates formed in welding and those in VOCs.
  • Protection of valuable equipment.
  • Cleaner and healthier air to breathe and operate from when indoors or at work.

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