Welding and Grinding Extraction Systems for Industrial Fabrication

Did you know that fumes produced during industrial fabrication processes such as welding are known to contain carcinogens (cancer forming substances)? They can also cause other serious health problems for employees in case of inhalation.

The good news is, you can avoid these health problems among employees with a good air extraction system for all your welding and grinding activities at work. So how do welding and grinding extraction systems for industrial fabrication work? What health hazards can air extraction systems prevent? And are these systems portable?

What is a fume extraction system?

How Does a Fume Extraction System Work? It is a system that uses a fan to suck in harmful fumes and particulates produced during welding and grinding processes so no one breathes them. It filters the sucked fumes hence removing harmful chemicals and particulates from the workplace.

Welding fume extraction systems

One of the most common activities in industrial fabrication is welding. Welding involves joining together metallic parts by heating them to a melting point then allowing them to cool off to form the desired fusion. A welder does the welding and in the process, toxic gases are produced. These gases are dangerous if inhaled and they can lead to serious health problems such as lung damage, cancer, and even nervous system damage. This is why having a welding fume extractor is vital so as to eliminate the presence of these dangerous fumes in a closed welding environment.

Another benefit of having a good fume extraction system is that it will increase total productivity among your employees. With portable welding exhaust systems, your employees can weld materials without having to manually change their welding location and power output. This boosts the speed at which they work.

Another important point to note is welding fume extraction systems differ on the market and it’s vital you choose those that are portable and efficient at extraction over generic ones on the market.

Grinding extraction

Grinding is also one of the most common activities in the metal fabrication process. Mechanical grinding of metals can lead to sparks, dust, and other harmful particulates that may remain suspended in the air and cause serious health problems.

Also, the dust produced during grinding can contaminate the workplace environment and even affect the quality of the end-product. The good news is having a system to extract and filter these toxic substances from air can go a long way in preventing health problems among your employees and boosting productivity.

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