The Benefits Of Fume Extraction In The Fabrication Industry

The Benefits Of Fume Extraction In The Fabrication Industry

When it comes to the fabrication industry, there are several hazards that you have to deal with. Primarily, airborne particulates can quickly become dangerous if not kept in check.

So, in this blog post, let’s explore the importance and benefits of having the right fume filtration in the fabrication industry. This information can protect you, yourself, and everyone on your team going forward.

The Importance Of Fume Extraction In The Fabrication Industry

So, why use fume extraction in the fabrication industry? Let’s explore the top reasons:

Fire Prevention

Flammable gasses and oxygen mixed together create fire hazards. Fine dust particles, depending on your work, can create additional fuel for the fire.

With this in mind, just a small spark could ignite an explosion or fire, damaging the area, and creating significant injury for those nearby. A proper fume extractor can mitigate these dangers as well as cool the temperature of the workplace.

OSHA Compliance

It’s not just convenient and safe to have fume extraction systems. In many businesses and locations, OSHA requires it. Therefore, if you don’t have a fume extraction system, you may be violating these regulations. And if that doesn’t express the importance of fume extraction in the fabrication industry, then nothing will.

Lower Risk Of Lawsuit

No one wants to see someone file a workman’s compensation lawsuit. However, in lines of work where physical labor is required, it’s always going to happen eventually.

That’s why it’s important to reduce the overall risk of these claims. Not only is this important for peace of mind, you’re protecting your employee’s safety. It also helps you protect your finances and legal standing.


When workers aren’t breathing toxic fumes, they’ll feel better and have higher morale. This will give them greater energy and focus, ultimately enabling them to get more done in less time without sacrificing inequality. After all, breathing clean air is one of the most important parts of a healthy functioning laborer.

Fewer Sick Days

The less sick that your workforce becomes, the more days they’ll be able to work. That means you’ll ultimately be able to deliver projects on time and under budget.

Save Energy

Dust and fumes create heat. If you don’t have the right extractor, the whole space heats up and you may have to run the air conditioning for longer. Ultimately, this can add to your utility bill.

The Importance Of Clean Air

Air pollution doesn’t just affect humans, but it also affects pets and plants as well. Furthermore, hazardous air damages your heart, can create asthma, and even obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ultimately, these conditions can shorten your lifespan. This is particularly true when it comes to particle pollution, which is common for soldering, engraving, and several applications.

Get Quality Fume Extraction Today

At IP Systems, we provide superior fume extraction systems. This helps you remove hazards, particulates, gasses, and fumes from any workplace environment. Call today and understand your options for providing protection, efficiency, and peace of mind for your workspace.

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