F8200 Series

Features and benefits

  • Process Fume Filtration provides plug and play flexibility when relocating SMT lines and equipment.
  • Fume Filtration and recirculation of air creates substantial HVAC savings and helps resolve negative air pressure issues in facilities.
  • Dedicated Fume Filtration enables better process control and eliminates balancing issues associated with central HVAC systems.
  • Environmentally sound and can be documented as an ISO14000 improvement.
  • Static pressure (suction force), airflow and horse power ratings are optimized for extended filter life.  
  • Flexible Filter configurations to address a variety of applications. 
  • Acoustical liner assures low noise level.
  • Real time filter status monitor
  • ETL/UL/CSA Certified.
Alternate Models and Specs
Model Airflow Range Filter Set-ups Noise Level WC# Dimensions  
F8220 600-1000 cfm F8220C
64 dBA 9” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
F8230 900-1500 cfm F8230C
64 dBA 9” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
F8240 2000+ cfm F8240C
64 dBA 11” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
Standard 230Vac/60Hz
Upon request units available in Explosion Rated Versions as well as 50Hz
Filter Configurations
C (Combo Basic) PG (Particulate Gas) G (Gas Phase)
Filter Mat, Orange
Filter Pleated, 60%
Filter HEPA, 99.97% HC
Filter Carbon Mat, (2)
Filter Pleated, 60%
Filter HEPA, 99.97%, HC
20-40lbs bulk carbon
Filter After Mat, Blue
Filter Pleated, 60%
55lbs Bulk Carbon
Filter After Mat, Blue
Custom Configurations available upon request