We will continue to be open due to being classified as an essential business as defined on the homeland security site as we supply units and filter for the medical and military industries as well as shipping filters for the Power Industry.

Made in the USA

F8200 Series

Features and benefits

  • Process Fume Filtration provides plug and play flexibility when relocating SMT lines and equipment.
  • Fume Filtration and recirculation of air creates substantial HVAC savings and helps resolve negative air pressure issues in facilities.
  • Dedicated Fume Filtration enables better process control and eliminates balancing issues associated with central HVAC systems.
  • Environmentally sound and can be documented as an ISO14000 improvement.
  • Static pressure (suction force), airflow and horse power ratings are optimized for extended filter life.  
  • Flexible Filter configurations to address a variety of applications. 
  • Acoustical liner assures low noise level.
  • Real time filter status monitor
  • ETL/UL/CSA Certified.
Alternate Models and Specs
Model Airflow Range Filter Set-ups Noise Level WC# Dimensions  
F8220 600-1000 cfm F8220C
64 dBA 9” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
F8230 900-1500 cfm F8230C
64 dBA 9” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
F8240 2000+ cfm F8240C
64 dBA 11” 38.5"x26"x52" Request info
Standard 230Vac/60Hz
Upon request units available in Explosion Rated Versions as well as 50Hz
Filter Configurations
C (Combo Basic) PG (Particulate Gas) G (Gas Phase)
Filter Mat, Orange
Filter Pleated, 60%
Filter HEPA, 99.97% HC
Filter Carbon Mat, (2)
Filter Pleated, 60%
Filter HEPA, 99.97%, HC
20-40lbs bulk carbon
Filter After Mat, Blue
Filter Pleated, 60%
55lbs Bulk Carbon
Filter After Mat, Blue
Custom Configurations available upon request