Neat Oil Safety 101

Neat Oil Safety 101

Neat oil is beneficial for a variety of processes in the industrial world. However, neat oil is also a hazard. It can cause fires and aerosol emissions, to name a few.

So let’s discuss how you can be safer when working with neat oil applications — such as having a solder fume extraction system.

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What Are Neat Oils

Neat oils are vegetable oil or water undiluted mineral oils. They are blended with additives to provide great lubrication and cooling. Primarily they are used to reduce friction heat.

The Dangers Of Neat Oil Smoke

When neat oil is heated it gives off an aerosol called oil smoke. The higher the heat and pressure the more of the smoke that is released. This is a potential fire hazard since it doesn’t have any water.

When combined with sparks it can cause fire or explosion. One of the challenges is that neat oil particles are less than 1 micrometer. Most filters can’t collect them.

How To Increase Safety With Neat Oils

You can reduce hazards from neat oil smoke in a couple of ways. First, you can aim to add small amounts of additional lubricant. Secondly, you can keep your tools sharp, making the process more efficient and creating less heat.

And thirdly, you can use extraction mechanisms like fume extraction.

The Importance Of Extracting Neat Oil Smoke

You need to remove neat cutting oils and smoke quickly. The faster it’s removed, the less of a fire hazard you will experience. Ideally you should use a filter that captures the aerosol and drains it. For instance, fume filters from IP Systems USA provide power and precision when extracting oil smoke from the air.

Not Enough Focus On Extraction Systems In The Welding Industry

Unfortunately, welders already experience a range of hazards during their work. And one of the most overlooked safety measures is reducing neat oil smoke. By putting an emphasis on this in your company, you can ensure greater safety, efficiency, and peace of mind.

Filtration For The Future

Modern filtration systems make your work more efficient. They also reduce neat cutting oils in the air. Promoting good neat oil safety is something you shouldn’t mess around with.

Always seek out the best fume extraction system system and other applications to reduce airborne hazards, fire, and other dangers when working with machinery.

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