Maintaining Your Fume Extraction System

Fume extraction systems are meant to keep yourself and your employees safe at your place of business. Industrial air extraction systems do a lot of hard work, and that puts them under plenty of stress. If you want yours to last as long as possible—and we’re sure you do—then you need to perform regular fume extraction unit maintenance.

Which maintenance tasks will extend your system’s life and help it perform the way it is designed to? We suggest the following items.

Empty the Dust Tray

Depending on the type of fume extraction system you have and how much use it sees on a daily basis, you may need to empty the dust tray anywhere from multiple times a day to once a month. This tray collects all the particles from your fumes and the air in general, and when it becomes overloaded, it damages the filter and strains the system, sometimes to the point of breaking.

Change or Clean the Filter

As you would imagine, if the dust bin can get full, the filter can get clogged. Most fume extraction systems will have a warning light that lets you know that the pressure is too high in the system, which usually comes back to a clogged filter.

However, you shouldn’t wait for this light to come on. For one thing, there might be an error with what triggers this alert. For another, by the time your filter is impacting the pressure in the system, it should have been changed or cleaned a while ago. Set a regular filter cleaning schedule and stick to it.

Check the Seals and Gaskets

The next step is to check your seals and gaskets for leaks. These are a major concern with fume exhaust systems as they leave everyone vulnerable to toxic air. Make sure all the seals and gaskets in your system are functioning properly and follow your owner’s manual instructions for maintaining them. If you notice that any are damaged to the point of needing repair, get your system serviced immediately.

Ensure the Motor Can Breathe

The motor is the heart of your fume extraction system. And for it to function, it needs to be able to breathe. This means keeping dust and debris off of it and ensuring the cooling holes and fins are unblocked. If it becomes overheated, it can create a very dangerous situation.

Learn more about what fume extraction is and how it works, then contact us for the perfect system for your business.

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