Important Facts About Welding Fume Extraction Hoods

Important Facts About Welding Fume Extraction Hoods

When it comes to welding you need to have a great welding fume extractor. This protects the welder from hazards in the air. An extraction hood is one way to ensure greater safety. When it comes to welding fume extraction hoods, here are some important things to keep in mind.

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Proper Positioning Is Important

In order to capture welding fumes and prevent health hazards, the extraction hood needs proper positioning. This means it should extract the fumes before they enter the welder’s breathing zone.

Therefore the placement of the hood should be such that it funnels fumes away from the welder. Ideally the hood should be facing the welder at all times.

Allowing The Welders Space To Work

The hood has to prevent fumes from escaping, but it also needs to avoid interfering with the welder’s work. Aim to place the hood close to the fume extraction point. Striking this balance can be a challenge.

A good rule of thumb is to position the fume extraction hood equidistance to the diameter of the extraction arm. This is particularly true with cone-shaped extraction hoods.

Proper Fume Hood Design

Depending on the application, a round hood or square hood can be beneficial. Flat edges help the airflow be more directed. Round edges can help extend the range of the hood.

Depending on the use, you can extend how much fume is extracted efficiently.

Using Extractor Arm Fume Hoods For The Right Purpose

Fume extraction hoods may look like vacuum extraction tools. However, they are quite different. In a pinch, you could use an extraction hood to vacuum dust and other debris. But it should be used for its main purpose, keeping the air clear of dangerous fumes.

Shielding Gas

Shielding gas requires very high suction power. While extraction hoods draw air with powerful suction, vacuum cleaners are specialized tools that should be used for that purpose instead. Therefore, an extraction hood should not be relied on for shielding gas.

Fume Extraction Arm

Your fume extraction hood provider should offer the option of a bendable extraction arm. This allows you to customize where you place the hood for optimum airflow capture. IP Systems USA can help you keep your workplace safe.

Protect you and other welders from harmful fumes by using IP Systems USA’s state-of-the-art technology today. Learn your fume extractor hood options and make the best choice for you.

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