How to Get Rid Of Spray Paint Smells

How to Get Rid Of Spray Paint Smells

Paint is an excellent way to change the aesthetics or utility of a room. This goes for residential and commercial purposes. However, it’s common to start noticing a fresh paint smell when you’re working with it.

Contrary to popular belief, this is more than simply inconvenient. It can actually be a severe health hazard. If you notice a bad paint smell in your workspace, then it can be a sign of deeper problems in addition to mere discomfort. That’s why you should contact us at IP Systems today if you notice a foul odor. 

Our fume filtration and VOC air cleaner systems minimize sparking and reduce gas concentration in the air. You deserve a safe, compliant work environment like anyone else.

So in this blog post, let’s talk about how to get rid of paint smells. That way, you can enjoy a safe, productive project without the health consequences.

How To Get Paint Smells Out Of Houses And Industrial Locations

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First, let’s explore the dangers of paint.

Can Paint Be Toxic?

There’s a solvent in paint that helps it stay on the wall after it dries. That’s what causes the smell of paint. When this solvent evaporates, you’ll notice the smell less.

That means the paint is cured. However, until the paint is fully cured, it will continue to release that solvent.

According to the EPA, these solvents can have negative health effects. For instance, you might have symptoms like problems with your vision, headaches, dizziness, or even lung and throat irritation. Oftentimes, professional painters who are consistently exposed to paint fumes have nervous system damage.

They can also experience kidney or liver problems. Furthermore, chemicals in paint can create cancer, reproductive problems, and even developmental issues. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to remove the paint smell from rooms.

Protecting Indoor Air Quality: Combatting VOCs from Fresh Paint

Volatile organic chemicals, or VOCs, are the dangerous fumes that come off of fresh paint. The upper limit for VOCs in paint is 250 grams per liter, according to the EPA. You can read the VOC content on the paint label to understand what level you’re dealing with.

Currently, air and particle filtration systems (like those sold via IP Systems) are the only proven solution to minimize paint smells and VOCs.

Myths About Removing Paint Smells

Using A Fan

Simple air filters and fans that you can get in a store will not take care of the VOCs. They simply move air around. You’ll still inhale these particles.

Baking Soda

Don’t mix baking soda with your paint to try to reduce the odor. It just reduces the performance of the paint and doesn’t help with the VOCs.

Vinegar Bowls

While vinegar bowls can help with odor, the VOCs will still be present. In fact, this can even be worse because you may think that the paint has cured and it’s safe to breathe in the air. Meanwhile, the toxic chemicals are still circulating.

How To Remove Paint Smells: Conclusion

To remove the smell of paint and its fumes, you should use VOC fume extraction. IP Systems air filtration solutions absorb gas in the air.

With an activated carbon base, our VOC air purifiers help gas particles adhere to solid particles, which removes them from the air. It also removes odor effectively. For more information on our filtration and purification systems, reach out today.

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