How Does A Fume Hood Work?

How Does A Fume Hood Work?

How Does A Fume Hood Work?

You might have heard of fume hoods but do you know how they work?

Anytime you’re dealing with organic solvents or reactions that release gases, you want to be working inside a fume hood. Why? Whether you work in a lab or a place with too much reaction, a fume hood ensures toxic gases don’t escape into our work area. We all know the dangers of toxic gases to our health and a fume hood is that savior that ensures all employees in the work area are safe. But first, what is it?

What is the purpose of the Fume Hood?

Fume hoods are like self-contained ventilated boxes that suck gases, fumes, and dangerous vapors that we don’t want to breathe into our system for health reasons.

They offer two vital functions: One is, they are well able to evacuate gases, fumes, and vapors from your working environment. They can eliminate volatile compounds or dangerous chemicals in the air hence save you from breathing them.

Also, the sash on the fume Hood acts as a physical barrier between us and any chemical reaction such as an explosion that could take place in the lab or working area. Most fume hoods also have the capability of bringing in cold water, vacuum, and nitrogen in case of an emergency situation such as fire or explosion.

How the fume hood works

How does a fume extraction system work?

A fume hood acts as a fume filtration system. It starts this process by sucking in the air in the room inside it via the sash. Depending on the type of fume hood, the sash could move horizontally, in a vertical way, or in both ways.

As air is being sucked from the room through the middle of the fume hood, it filtrates harmful gases, fumes, and vapors. It passes them through the exhaust area, which acts as the fume hood’s exit door. These gases, fumes, and vapors either reach the ducted fume hood or its filters (Ductless fume hood) – depending on the type of fume hood.

The exhaust areas are normally managed by baffles and slots, which are normally adjusted in most fume hoods to allow for balanced airflow. Once the air inside is filtered and clean, it’s released back to the room environment.

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