Plasma Cutting Fume Extractor

Laser activities such as laser cutting, laser marking and laser welding all release pollutants into the air you breathe. Even though OSHA has put in place safety standards that ensure employee safety and health at work, most people wonder “Why do I need a fume extraction system for laser cutting?”
Laser marking and cutting of materials can cause the materials to burn, melt and even produce smoke and fumes. The smoke and fumes produced during laser activities can pose a great health risk to the person(s) operating the laser.

The type and severity of the dangers of laser activities depend on the materials being cut and marked by the laser. One of the dangerous fumes released during laser cutting of stainless steel is Hexavalent Chromium. Hexavalent chromium (also called hex chrome, Cr(VI), or Chromium 6) is dangerous and can cause lung cancer, among other health problems. The solution to this is to have a Laser Cutter Fume Extractor in your shop. So why is a fume extraction system for laser cutting important?

Importance of laser fume extraction system

Laser fume extraction systems are vital because they help eliminate the smoke and particulates generated during laser marking and cutting activities. A fume extraction system can further help your activities by:

1.Ensuring your laser marker performs and operates efficiently. Laser devices are sensitive to micro-powders that accumulate on their lenses. If these micro-powders accumulate on the lens, they can lower the efficiency of the laser and the quality of the laser cutting and marking. Having an efficient fume extraction system is the solution to eliminating these micro-powders during laser activities. The damage caused by these particles may be irreversible.

2.Keeping you safe. If you’re the one operating the laser, an efficient fume extraction system can prevent you from inhaling the laser fumes. Exposure to these toxic fumes can cause cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Also, a fume extraction system can help prevent oxidation and fire that may be caused by exothermic reactions due to laser engraving.

Factors to consider when choosing fume extraction system for laser marking and cutting

  1. Ensure the extractor’s fume collector is of the right size.
  2. Ensure the extractor has a proper noise control system.
  3. Choose an extractor that’s easy to maintain

Before you consider selecting a fume extraction system for your laser activities, it’s vital to talk to experts so that they advise you on the Best Solder Fume Extractors in the marketplace. Also you might want to consider checking out Dental Aerosol Fume Extraction systems if you run a dental office. ………..

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