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VOC Air Purifiers & Fume Extraction Systems

VOC Air Purifiers & Fume Extraction Systems

IP Systems offers fume extraction units designed for adsorption of VOC’s. 

VOC Fume Extraction

IP Systems offers fume extraction units designed for adsorption of VOC’s.  Our special designed units minimizing the potential for sparking through the utilization of explosion rated motors, external controls, aluminum impellers etc…  On top of this our systems provide large beds of Activated Carbon and other adsorption media such as Zeolite or Activated Alumina to effectively adsorb the specific set of gases your application may require.  

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Why You Should Use VOC Air Purifiers


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are commonly produced as a result of several industrial applications, such as soldering, painting, engraving, and gluing. These compounds are dangerous because they easily enter the air and are known to cause health problems in humans. They also produce odors that can be disruptive to workers.


VOCs are emitted from several sources, including paints, glues, cleaners, and aerosols.


Benzene and formaldehyde, common VOCs present in several industrial processes, are known to cause cancer in case of exposure to high levels of the compounds.


Having high odor levels in a workplace can be a problem for morale, even if it’s not dangerous to the worker. Nobody wants to work in a place riddled with foul smells, and some gases are much smellier than others.


So how do you remove VOCs from the air? The best way is to use air filtration solutions that rely on gas adsorption. Gas adsorption, unlike absorption, happens when gas particles stick to the surface of a solid particle. Activated carbon is one of the perfect materials for this, and our VOC air purifiers and fume extraction systems have an activated carbon base.


With filters that have an activated carbon base, you can remove dangerous VOCs from the air and lower your employees’ risk of exposure to high levels of VOCs.


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