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SMT Equipment Fume Extraction Systems

SMT Equipment Fume Extraction Systems

The most common method to extract fumes from SMT equipment is to use large central air handling systems that vent the fumes to the external atmosphere. 

SMT Fume Extractors

The most common method to extract fumes from SMT equipment is to use large central air handling systems that vent the fumes to the external atmosphere.  While the initial costs of this approach are typically less, the need for replacement air significantly drives up the HVAC energy expense. 

Localized Fume filtration can not only help you reduce your overall running costs, but it can also reduce the tonnage required.

Each time a new piece of equipment is added to a line or production floor, central systems should be balanced to insure proper air flow.  If the volume of air changes, so can your oven profiles. Dedicated filtration provides you better process control by eliminating balancing issues associated with central systems. 

With every production floor there comes a time when equipment must be relocated.  The faster you can return to producing product, the faster you can return generating revenue.  Dedicated Fume Filtration provides you plug and play flexibility significantly reducing down time. 

Finally, with today’s restrictions on emissions along with an ever growing desire for corporations to be environmentally friendly or green, Fume Filtration is an obvious choice.  If a facility is ISO-14000 certified, the addition of fume filtration can be documented as continuous improvement. 

Whether it be fume filtration for your wave solder machine, reflow oven, batch oven, conformal coating equipment, selective solder machines, or dispensing equipment, IP Systems has a full range of solutions.


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Why Do You Need Fume Extraction For Your SMT Equipment?


Soldering any electrical component onto a PCB releases potentially harmful fumes. These fumes are created as a result of the high heat generated by the soldering equipment. As the air heats up, it expands, allowing the particles coming off of the metal to be released into the air as fumes. Workers can be exposed to their fumes, causing potentially hazardous health effects.


But that’s not the only risk. The fumes can also transport aerosols that stick together and build up in the soldering machines and potentially even the products. This could cause serious damage to products and equipment. Getting rid of fumes is paramount to reducing manufacturing waste and preventing health issues in workers.


Fumes consist of two elements: smoke particles and gases/vapors. Smoke particles are sticky, and are similar to cigarette smoke in terms of how well they cling to surfaces. Gases, on the other hand, are content to float in the air. Both types of particles can cause serious health risks, and the only effective filtration system deals with both. Our fume extraction and filtration systems effectively deal with both problems that are present in soldering fumes.


Our fume extraction systems for SMT come in a wide range. We’re sure you’ll be able to find the perfect fume extraction system for your application, whether you run a small shop or an enterprise-level manufacturing operation. Our fume filtration systems work well for wave solder machines, batch ovens, coating equipment, selective solder machines, reflow ovens, dispensing equipment, and much more.

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