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Laser Fume Extractors by IP Systems USA

Laser Fume Extractors by IP Systems USA

Laser Fume Extractors - Marking, Etching and Cutting

When using lasers for marking, etching, or cutting many factors come into play that determine the correct fume filtration set up. IP Systems offers several laser fume extraction systems used by industry leaders across the country.

Manufacturers of these lasers want enough air flow to protect the lenses from the smoke and fumes being produced.  There are health and safety concerns depending on the material types being marked and each material may require different types of filtration.  Along with these health and safety concerns you also need an effective mechanical set up to ensure proper capture of the fumes. 

If extracting via an exit port in the rear of the laser enclosure you need a system that provides a high volume of airflow and static pressure is of less of a concern.  When utilizing nozzles or arms at the source of the application, you may need a unit that requires higher static pressure.  This is especially true as the diameter of the nozzle decreases and the mass of the particulate increases.

Laser Fume Filtration from IP Systems

IP Systems has installed thousands of laser fume extraction systems for and we are recognized as a lead in the industry for durable, reliable long lasting units. Contact us today for more information.

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Why Should You Purchase a Laser Fume Extractor from IP Systems USA?

Laser fume extraction systems are important for maintaining a safe and productive workplace. As a shop owner or manager, you want to make sure your employees are in a good working environment. Keep them safe, happy, and compliant by installing a laser fume extraction system in your shop.

Fumes are naturally created during the laser cutting process. When cutting sheets of metal with laser, particles from the metal, chemicals created by the laser cutter, and other dust and particulate matter goes up into the air that your workers breathe. The heat created by the laser causes chemical reactions to take place that causes these particles to disperse into the surrounding area. Long term exposure can cause serious health problems and could ultimately lead to severe sickness. Although your workers may be properly outfitted with personal protective equipment (PPE), it can only do so much. Laser fume extractors help make dangerous fumes much less of a worry for employees.

OSHA has permissible exposure limits (PELs) for a wide array of heavy metals, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, and other toxins to make sure that all workers are kept as safe as possible. Meeting these PELs is much easier when you have a laser fume extractor installed in your shop. Keep your shop compliant with OSHA and call us to get a quote on laser fume extractor installation today!

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