We will continue to be open due to being classified as an essential business as defined on the homeland security site as we supply units and filter for the medical and military industries as well as shipping filters for the Power Industry.

Gas Adsorption, Vapor and Odor Control

Gas Adsorption, Vapor and Odor Control

Gas, Vapor & Odor Removal

Many people confuse fumes with gases and vice versa leading to improper filtration parameters.  Fumes are airborne particulates that can be captured in a physical media such as pre filters and HEPA filters while Gases must be adsorbed in various media such as Activated Carbon.  The key to good adsorption of gases and odors is to choose the right media for the various gaseous compounds as each gas has its own molecular structure which may be adsorbed well by one media but not another. 

Dwell Time

Another key is to create proper dwell time for the gases to be in contact with the media.  There are many things to consider when designing a system to insure this dwell time.  Items such as airflow, volume of media, shape and size of the media, as well as the depth and width of the media bed all should be optimized to create the best adsorption and longest lasting filtration.

With more than 25 years of experience, IP Systems can be your guide to proper adsorption of Odors and Gases.