We will continue to be open due to being classified as an essential business as defined on the homeland security site as we supply units and filter for the medical and military industries as well as shipping filters for the Power Industry.

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Custom Applications

Custom Applications

Vapor Removal & Fume Filtration

There is an unlimited range of applications that may need fume filtration.  Perhaps jewelry fabrication, 3D Printing, grinding applications, gluing applications, creating positive air pressure clean rooms, incinerators etc…  All of these applications revert back to the basic principles of proper capture of the fumes or gases depending on the air flow needs or static pressure to proper duct sizing and choosing the right filtration media.  IP Systems has designed our units to be as flexible as possible so we can adapt our equipment with your needs.  Please contact us with your challenges and if we do not have a solution, we will arm you with data you need to make and educated decision.


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