Air Pollutants In DTF Printing: What You Need To Know

Air Pollutants In DTF Printing: What You Need To Know

The potential Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) health effects in DTF printing are something that cannot be ignored. In fact, Direct-to-Film printing is fairly new, so more research is needed to make the process safer without the need for fume extraction.

But at this point in time, let’s explore what we know about VOCs in this type of printing and how to avoid possible safety hazards.

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VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) In DTF Printing

DTF printing materials could be harmful if not handled the right way. There are OCs in the ink and transfer films. These toxins are harmful to eyes, skin, lungs, and more.

The main issue is that VOCs evaporate at room temperature. So even if you don’t feel extreme heat, you may still be exposed without knowing it. The level of VOCs depends on the type of printer and ink used.

Health Problems Caused By DTF Printing

If breathed in over an extended period of time, DTF printing can cause asthma, bronchitis, and other serious conditions. Additionally, skin related irritation such as rashes can occur.

IAQ Best Practices For DTF Printing

When it comes to any kind of work, there are best practices to consider. Of course, this is especially important when working with potentially harmful toxins. Follow these best practices to ensure you are breathing the cleanest air possible:

Fume Extraction Instead Of Ambient Air Cleaners

Ambient air cleaners help keep air clean to some extent. But they are not as specialized or powerful as fume extractors. For that reason, fumes can remain concentrated in the work area.

Whereas the ambient air cleaner sits high overhead, the worker may already be exposed before the gas, smoke, or fumes are dealt with. Fume extraction systems designed by IP Systems are customized to ensure minimal VOCs.

The Right Filters

Custom and flexible filters are a necessity when dealing with VOCs in DTF printing. After all, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to safety.

Replace Your Filters

Leaving your filters to run down to the end of their life cycle is not advised. Using a filter monitoring gauge, you can contact the professionals to change out your filters sooner rather than later.


Using a quality fume extraction system from IP Systems is the best way to protect yourself and your workers. When working in industrial settings, you can never let your guard down.

Don’t let something as simple as DTF printing be the reason that you or your team fall ill. Invest in the protection you deserve by reaching out to us today.

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