We will continue to be open due to being classified as an essential business as defined on the homeland security site as we supply units and filter for the medical and military industries as well as shipping filters for the Power Industry.

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About Us

Leaders in Fume Filtration and Extraction

Our History:

January 1992: IMPELL Purification Technologies LP is founded.  Known for quality and  reliability, IMPELL becomes a dominant force and well recognized trade name by providing fume filtration systems to the electronics and laser industry.

September 1997: IMPELL Purification Systems LP moves to a new manufacturing and administration facility in Suwanee, Georgia. The present company is still residing at this location.

January 2002: OK International (a Dover Company) acquires IMPELL.  All OK International production lines for fume extractions are consolidated at the IMPELL facility.

November 2005: OK International divests the process fume extraction line to the former owners  of IMPELL Purification Technologies. The new organization, IP Systems LLC, maintains all operations at the same facility in Suwanee, Georgia.  

December 2005: IP Systems continues to manufacture and market the well known product lines F1200 / F3000 / F5200 and F8200 to the electronics and laser industry. IP Systems is managed and owned by the former IMPELL team who brings with them over 40 years of experience in fume extraction applications.  

July 2014: IP Systems continues with new a new sales and marketing management team. The goal is to build on the established product quality and capabilities by guiding the company into new industries and product arenas.


Electronics industry: Process fume extraction for the filtration of exhaust fumes from ovens, wave solder units, conformal coating equipment and other fume sources.

Laser industry: Removal and filtration of laser fumes from marking, cutting and engraving applications.

Lab and Medical: Removal and absorption of  nuisance odors, bacteria, VOC’s, clean room applications, as well as positive or negative air pressure solutions.

Welding: Removal and filtration of welding fumes from MIG, TIG, and automated welding applications.


  • Thousands of filter unit installations in the  electronics and laser industry
  • More than two decades of experience in air purification technology
  • Application design and solutions



  • USA
    • Abbott Point of Care
    • ADC Telecommunications
    • Adtran
    • Aeronautical Systems Inc.
    • Algen
    • C-Cor.Net
    • Celestica
    • Denso
    • EMC2
    • Erni Components
    • Flextronics
    • Fujitsu Ten
    • GE Fanuc Automation
    • General Electric
    • Gentex
    • Hughes Aircraft
    • Jabil
    • Lexmark
    • Lockheed
    • Lucent
    • Micro Industries
    • Miyachi America Corporation
    • Pad Print Machinery
    • Pemstar
    • Rockwell Automation
    • Rofin Baasel Inc.
    • SMTC
    • Solectron
    • Storage Tech
    • Texas Instruments
  • Mexico
    • Basler
    • Delphi Automotive
    • Eaton
    • Flextronics
    • Fujitsu Ten
    • Jabil
    • Lexmark
    • Pemstar
    • Philips
    • Scientific Atlanta
    • Siemens
    • Sony
    • Solectron
  • Brazil
    • Flextronics
    • Philips
    • Sony
  • Asia
    • Dongah Electronic
    • Flextronics
    • Pemstar
    • Samsung
    • ViaSystems