5 Benefits of Air Purifiers

Pop Quiz!

The air with the most pollutants is:

(a) Outside

(b) Indoors

If you are like most people, your knee-jerk response was (a). Of course outdoor air is more polluted! You can scrub the inside of your home and make sure everything is squeaky clean—not something you can do with the great outdoors. 

Well, folks, the truth is that the correct answer is (b). 

Yes, your home has a higher level of air pollution that just outside your front door. On average, indoor air was 2 to 5 times more pollutants than outdoor air. That probably has you thinking about that VOC air purifier now, huh? 

No, You Don’t Need an Industrial Air Purifier

Unless you own an industrial building, in which case, get that VOC air pruifier and fume extraction system. However, getting a residential-grade air purifier is a smart idea for any homeowner. Just take a look at these air purifier benefits.

Reduced Respiratory Problems

One of the biggest air purifier health benefits is that using one can let you breathe easier. This matters in any situation, but if you or your loved ones have respiratory health conditions, such as asthma or emphysema, an air filter can be a literal lifesaver.

Fewer Harmful Chemicals

We tend to think of breathing in chemicals as a problem you might encounter in a manufacturing environment—not in our own homes. However, there are a lot of harmful gases in our homes. Nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are the big ones. Heavy exposure to them can cause neurological problems. With the right air pruifier, you can pull these out of the air and protect your health.

Better Scents

An often-overlooked benefit of air purifiers is that they can neutralize unpleasant odors. Most purifiers can make some degree of difference, but those that eliminate VOCs would make the biggest
difference. If you have lots of paintings and upholstered furniture, you might want a VOC air cleaner.

Curbed Disease Spread

Airborne diseases cause thousands, even millions, of illnesses every year. Since COVID, we have learned just how devastating they can be. With the right type of purification system, airborne
pathogens can be reduced, curbing their spread and keeping your family or employees safer.

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